"Dr. Steve is an excellent chiropractor but, more than that, he will take the time to listen."

- Paul Allidi

Dr. Steven A. Klink replied:
"Paul, You, and your family are dear to me. I often see my role in healthcare today as the old fashioned family doctor of the past. Back then the "Doc" knew the whole family, and took care of the whole family. Whatever the issue "Doc" had the answer. I strive to be that kind of doctor for my patients. Thanks, for being part of my passion. "Doc" Steve"

"Dr. Klink is always ready to help you. He took me right in for adjustment without appointment since I was experiencing some lower back pain. I was very thankful and feel much better. Thanks Dr. Klink. "

- Janet Ferrante

Dr. Steven A. Klink replied:
"Janet, I'm glad you're feeling better. Now we need to correct the problem so you stay healthy. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to serve all of my patients. The level of trust demonstrated when people put their health in my hands is humbling. Thank you, Dr. Steve"

"If it weren't for Chiropractic care, I wouldn't be able to do the work I do on my feet all day."

- Brian Brennan

Dr. Steven A. Klink replied:
"Brian, I know the feeling. If it weren't for chiropractic care I wouldn't have been able to continue to play lacrosse at LeMoyne. If it I didn't have such a great chiropractic experience i would not be a chiropractor. Thank you Dr. Tim Schaub. "We never know how far reaching something we do or say today, is" Dr. Jim Parker Thank You, Dr. Steve"

"Dr. Steve and his staff always thrive to keep myself and my husband healthy. We appreciate his compassion and commitment to us. We will continue to recommend our family and friends to him for their better health as well!!"

- Becky Heintz Keating

Dr. Steven A. Klink replied:
"Becky, You, Jack and the boys were one of my first families under care. it means so much to me to have you all as part of the practice. I appreciate the trust you have demonstrated toward me over the years by referring your family and friends. Thank you, Dr. Steve"

"Dr. Steve is GREAT! He has helped me with so many problems I have/had with my back/neck and a knee that I need replaced. He has made it so that I am able to walk and do daily activities with less pain and stress on my knee. Thanks, Steve!!! You are GREAT!!!"

- Shelli Jankowski Field

Dr. Steven A. Klink replied:
"Shelli, Thanks for the kind words. I try to give everyone the individualized care they need. I'm very happy to know that what I do has improved your life. I want you to know that you and all of my patients improve and enrich my life too! Thanks, Dr. Steve"

"My experience is always wonderful. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Klink has a fantastic bedside manner for both my children and me. I HIGHLY recommend chiropractic care with Family Chiropractic to anyone having any type of health issue."

- Danielle Rausa

Dr. Steven A. Klink said:
"Danielle, What a GREAT way to start the week! Your comments mean so much to me. The fact that you have allowed me to work with your children means even more! Thank you, Dr. Steve"

"Dr. Steve is so awesome! He's so patient and great with my 3 kids! One who is on the autism spectrum and had Anxiety about getting adjusted but he does just fine! I feel so much better after going! He also is not dismissive of all my crazy questions, he has good educated answers. "

- Sara Lamb Sherlock

Dr. Steven A. Klink said:
"Sara, It means so much to me that you bring your kids to me. There can be no greater demonstration of trust than a parent allowing me to care for their children. Thank you so much, Dr. Steve"

"Dr. Steve is very knowledgeable about my personal needs to stay on a course of wellness. "

- Anonymous

Dr. Steven A. Klink replied:
"It is exciting to help people on the path toward wellness. There are many pieces in the wellness puzzle. Chiropractic is an important one. Chiropractors have always promoted maintaining good health (wellness), rather than trying to recapture lost health. Thank you, Dr. Steve"

"Very nice and very educational...spends time with you and cares."

- Terri Mazzye

Dr. Steven A. Klink replied:
"Terri, Patient education is a big part of our practice. I firmly believe the more the patient understands the better their healthcare decisions will be. The knowledge and good choices will lead to a healthier community. Thanks, Dr. Steve"

"My experience could not have been better. I feel relaxed and 'at home' with Dr. Klink."

- Jayson Barrington

Dr. Steven A. Klink replied:
"Jayson, That's wonderful. That is exactly what we strive for each visit. I am lucky to have such a great office team. They help me provide the best experience each and every day. Thank you, Dr. Steve"

"Dr. Steve is one of a kind. He really cares for each person and takes the time to get to know you."

- Amy

Dr. Steven A. Klink replied:
"Amy, I believe the key to quality healthcare is knowing your patients. This sounds elementary and maybe a little funny, but in our fast paced healthcare system it is the first thing that is lost. Besides I love the conversations. Thanks, Dr. Steve"

"Very sincere, and professional"

- Alexis

Dr. Steven A. Klink said:
"Alexis, Thanks for the kind words. I do care about your experience here. It is my personal goal to not only give you the best chiropractic experience, but the best healthcare experience. Thanks, Dr. Steve"

"I and my wife have been patients of Steve for many years. He has been able to help keep us healthier and be better able to perform in our daily work environments."

- Steve

Dr. Steven A. Klink replied:
"Steve, I LOVE my work because of patients like you! Our goal is to improve the health and life of each of our patients. Thanks again, Dr. Steve"

"I've been seeing Dr. Steve for over 12 years, staff is wonderful and his knowledge and care are exceptional."

- Mary Kouwe

Dr. Steven A. Klink said:
"Mary, Thanks for the kind words. When we say "Your family's lifetime wellness starts here" You're a perfect example. Thanks for your trust and confidence, Dr. Steve"

"I've had the chance to visit several Doctors in this field. No other Doctor EVER treated me as well as Dr. Steve. He is attentive to your needs and ALWAYS gives a very through explanation of his thoughts and processes. I have recommended my wife as well as some professional contacts and they are as satisfied as me! The staff is second to none and is as professional as Dr. Steve. You won't go wrong putting your Wellness in Dr. Steve’s hands!"

- Jim

Dr. Steven A. Klink replied:
"Jim and Kim, I love it when patients not only understand our mission, but jump in and help us get there. By referring family, friends, and co-workers you are helping us improve the health and wellness of our community. Thank you, Dr. Steve"

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